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The Worlds No1 Rock Band


           Rick Parfitt,Alan Lancaster, Francis Rossi, John Coghlan,

                                                    The Frantic Four

                   WELCOME ,

                       To the world famous

                       STATUS QUO

                     Dedicated to record 

        labels and Picture discs from the UK,

                                                 28 July 2016   

UK Album and Singles labels form 1968 on

Many Thanks go to Gunter Roder, Dave Quo321 and Garry Fielding for there help,

Please take a look at garrys site with information from around the world for Singles,Lp's Cd's and cassettes

Also have a look at the Status Quo collectadisc with picture and track information of diffrent Singles ,Lp's,Cd's from around the world.

About myself :

Hello and welcome to my site.                        

I've been a quo fan since 1982  and been seriously collecting since 1986.

I have a good range of Quo item Lp's, Singles, 8 Tracks and Cd's and Books from all over the world.

I  like other Heavy Rock bands such as Motorhead, Girlschool and Ac/Dc and many others.

I decided to do this site as i have never come across a site showing the diffrent labels quo's lp's where released on in the uk if you know of any other uk labels please contact me on my email address above,

Hope you find my site informative and helpful

Thank you



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